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Posted:  18 September 2014 / By Aman Khanna
Pictoplasma 2014
Clay-men art installation for the Pictoplasma group show 2014 at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin. 
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23 March 2016 | yll
how there is not wet feet truth? Money bureaucratic temptation, materialistic, competing competition, can not do the whole cast bustling smoke, can not choose to be a leisurely see the mountain hermit, had to build their own text paradise, several sheets of paper, a little ink, a few old books , cultivating meditation, self-portraits from the circle.Like fairy hill, like a four seasons, undeterred by the rain Xueshuang, fear hot summer, time such as water, time as a mirror, always, forever green, fallen flowers from flower to flower several times, this is really a heart, four seasons onion Rong; like it, really like its understanding of life, life can be calm to right, so back to the origin of life, the true and simple, clear rather indifferent; only a cup of soup, a pot of tea, bread and water, is very good; simple things, Tan sway man, life several times, time geometry, floating things clear Huan, leaving a Fangning Jing, it is enough!\r\n\r\nClarity of mind can do now, really quite hard, all kinds of flattering, full of life, do not know when, but also learned to do things against their will, against his life; once simple, and now all kinds of doping, gradation complicated; it is the envy of the ancients Qingxin leisurely, mountains Greenwood, repairing a thatched cottage, farming men and women weave, and do sunrise and sundown, simple, free to stonewalls, wine and song, do not smell the earth flashy, do not ask geometric years and keep a clear Ning, the time quietly eaves fragrant Like "human flavored Qing Huan" sentence, which by Su Shi, "Huan Xisha · Inclined rain as the cold dawn," the poet of "Qing Huan" is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the bureaucratic struggle, the desire to forget the fame and fortune, Into the mountains, feel the tea light meal naive farm life. The place is so quiet, reclusive mountain, natural good, then today\'s era, really far away from the secular, is very difficult, well-known heart simple, plain life, indifferent to pure heart, contentment, has been a clear joy.\r\n\r\nQingxin indifferent, contentment is both a state of mind, is a virtue; now all kinds of temptations of fame and fortune, if carrying an indifferent heart, worthy of that secular as flood, the heart, such as lotus, elegant and graceful, mud but not stained; such as blue quiet, not the crowd, not materialistic smoked heart, quietly bloom corner, graceful life she explains, not sad not happy, do not panic do not disturb, equanimity, in the flat Jingfang, secluded in quiet elegance , who needs this life, life is so extreme, life is clear flavored joy!Often think, if one day, old youth, whether still see the mountains, water, a warm fundus Cheng Cheng, facing time Zen, delighted not to rise; is not it also leaning out of windows, knitted half an acre Hanada, simply walking calmly in the breeze melodious way,\r\n\r\n
22 July 2016 | Moon
Grazie An0deeeeee&#823r;Luca le ara macao le avevo già viste in Messico ma i rarissimi delfini di fiume non li avevo mai incontrati…. certo anche il formichiere è stato uno spettacolo!!

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