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A cousin of the astronaut family. Not just an explorer of space, but also a contributor to space; primarily in the form of information.

As Infonauts, we are not mere travelers in space, hitch-hiking our way through the galaxies. Rather, we work with space and find poignant ways of pushing data into it. Trained practitioners in the art of distilling information into space, we think that complex data can often raise unnecessary barriers to understanding; and we find that unacceptable. As information designers (and cognitive artists) we crusade to transform this complexity into clear, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

A huge chunk of work is done for NGO's like GIZ and WHO. Whereas some projects are self-initiated. We also tend to help friends with their brand identities and conceptualising their spaces. Whether it is a client-based project or a self-initiated project we tend to use appropriate visual tools like clear typography, suitable colour palette and character based illustration forms to communicate a message. At Infonauts we are constantly finding ways to impart useful information through various tangible and intangible outcomes.


Our firm based in London is called Infomen:

Infoshop is Infonaut's online store where we sell our personal projects, character based objects and lots more.

Creative Director and co-founder Aman Khanna

Aman Khanna is a graphic artist, illustrator and a visual storyteller. Growing up in small towns and villages across India, he developed a genuine fascination towards the everyday man and would spend a long time observing his everyday, banal gestures and activities, mentally taking note of seemingly irrelevant details. After graduating in graphic and information design from London College of Communication in 2004, Aman worked in London for a year and then set up his own design studio Infomen in London and Infonauts in New Delhi, which he continues to run from New Delhi.

Turning texts and densely packed data into 'living' information, Aman always creates quirky characters and tongue-in-cheek iconic forms. Whether creating the design identity of a restaurant or a that of a WHO poster, Aman always inserts character forms in his graphic compositions which tease the viewer or draw his attention. Aman has created illustrations for many international magazines and newspapers including Harvard Business publishing, The Times (London) and the Wall Street Journal. His work has been featured in 'Cause and Effect' (Gestalten, Berlin), 'Graphic Explanation in Design' (Pie International, Japan), 'Information Graphics' (Taschen, Italy), 'Visual Storytelling' (Gestalten, Berlin), 'Eye Magazine' (London, UK) and 'Platform' (New Delhi, India).


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